The new WebExtensions Community Group will seek to establish a similar framework for all future web extensions, and is actively seeking developers to join the project.

Safari, with the release of macOS Big Sur, has a new web extension API that enables extensions created for other browsers to work with it. The advent of these new extensions opened the door to more features, but no defined technique of building the extensions had been established.

The new group, WECG, is made up of all of the main browser developers in addition to many others. The CEO- and COO-elected chairs are occupied by Timothy Hatcher of Apple and Simeon Vincent of Google. Participants in the project include workers from Apple, Mozilla, and Microsoft.

It is twofold the aim of the WebExtensions Community Group to spread and aid in the adoption of web extensions.

We can help developers by setting forth a defined model, APIs, and rights, while also simplifying extension building by giving it a standard form.

Incorporate the architecture that delivers increased performance and security as well as being more resilient to misuse.

The group is not interested in specifying every facet of the web extensions platform, nor does it wish to obstruct innovation. Because each browser manufacturer will keep operating independently, their individual rules will remain in place.

Those who are interested in participating in the group as developers or browser suppliers may do so on the W3C website. The WECG has a dedicated GitHub repository containing its community charter and the various project work included there.

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