The customer managed their projects, clients, invoicing and finance, as well as the contractors engaged in each project, using a variety of different platforms and spreadsheets. The majority of data entry and aggregation were performed manually or through Excel files, and data integration and transition across disparate systems were inefficient and infrequent. The customer was experiencing decreased efficiency and a lack of timely and accurate project and financial reporting as a result of the dispersed data and many systems of record.

Involvement of Hydra Technologies

Hydra Technologies evaluated and documented the client’s existing business processes, systems, and data in preparation for the installation and launch of a new commercial Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Following that, Hydra Technologies undertook an evaluation and assessment process to establish the new ERP’s intended user and system requirements and to analyze possible ERP solutions. Additionally, Hydra Technologies assisted with the solicitation and selection of the new ERP system and provider.


The client’s existing and future business processes, systems, and data needs were thoroughly specified and documented at the conclusion of this assessment and vendor selection exercise, and the new ERP solution and implementation provider were successfully chosen. Sage Intacct, the client’s new ERP platform, will provide comprehensive management, aggregation, and reporting of projects, assets, resources, contracts, and financials.

The Client, an engineering and construction firm, retained Hydra Technologies to conduct a current state analysis and assessment of their data, systems, and processes, as well as to develop new business processes and user/system requirements in preparation for the selection and/or in-house implementation of a new ERP system.

Assessment and State-of-the-Art Analysis

Hydra Technologies assembled a team of experts, including a process engineer, an ERP solution architect, and a business analyst, to assist in assessing the current state, developing the requirements and scope of the new ERP, and conducting a cost-benefit analysis of pursuing a commercially available ERP system versus building a custom solution in-house.

Evaluation of ERP Solutions and Vendors

After defining the requirements and scope of the new ERP solution and taking into account the required integrations with other business systems, it was determined that a commercially available ERP solution is the best fit for the client’s business and user needs, as well as the project’s budget and timeline requirements. Hydra Technologies then performed market research and produced a solicitation/RFP package (containing a scope of work, requirements matrix, evaluation criteria, and price proposal sheet) to be sent to ERP providers for competitive bidding on this project. Additionally, Optimum’s staff remained involved throughout the assessment process, assisting with vendor demonstrations, evaluating vendor replies, and selecting the ultimate EPR solution and provider for this project.

About Hydra Technologies

Hydra Technologies provides a comprehensive range of software services and solutions, including software development and system integration, Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM implementation, Office 365 and SharePoint development and consulting, business process automation and optimization, business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing, work automation and project management software solutions, as well as blockchain and Internet of Things solutions.

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